Mental Health Clinic

In 2019, we launched a groundbreaking addition to our services—a world-first mental health drop-in clinic seamlessly integrated within the Soup Kitchen.

We believe in taking a holistic and well-rounded approach to well-being and this innovative initiative reflects our commitment to addressing the mental health needs of our community. Our unique approach aims to provide a safe and welcoming environment, breaking down barriers to access essential mental health support for our homeless friends.

Support us in ushering in a new era of comprehensive care, where individuals can find nourishment for both body and mind, creating a space that prioritises mental health within the heart of our community. 

To learn more about our community mental health center, including how you can support it, please email

Dr Brett Grellier

Dr Brett Grellier has over ten years of experience working as a Senior Psychologist in NHS, private and third-sector settings, assessing and treating people for a wide range of difficulties. Brett has completed extensive post-doctoral training across a multitude of areas.

A fundamental mission for his firm, BGPS, is to provide evidence-based therapies delivered by highly specialised psychological therapists for people who are excluded from mainstream services, particularly those who have been street homeless.

Dr Grellier and his team have been working in partnership with Soup Kitchen London since 2018, providing guests with evidence-based therapies for a range of difficulties, including PTSD, addiction, depression and anxiety disorders. Their experience demonstrates that people with histories of rough sleeping and complex difficulties can commit to regular therapy sessions and make positive changes in their lives when we adapt to their unique needs.

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