Donate Goods

If you would like to order paper products or disposables for us, please call our supplier, AMBICAN, on 0208 965 8399 and give them our account number: SOU-007. AMBICAN will send disposables directly to us. Paper goods are one of our most needed and least donated items. We use several thousand of these products (made from recycled materials) each month to feed our homeless friends. Thank you!

We also have an Amazon Wishlist with items that we desperately need. Please feel free to purchase items through the link here.

  • Takeaway soup containers and lids. Stock numbers BIO-TUB8 and BIO-TUBLID8

  • Takeaway trays and lids. Stock numbers PM-REC1000 & PM-REC7510LID

  • Coffee cups and lids. Stock numbers CHDC-W10 & GPL-12B

  • Disposable forks & spoons. Stock numbers CUT-WS & CUT-CPLA-F

  • Paper products for cleaning. Stock numbers HYG102 & HYG-HTW

  • Paper takeaway bags. Stock number BAG-TWISTKL